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Our dental practice provides 24 hour dental care in central London. If you are looking for an emergency dentist give us a ring and we will book an appointment for you on the same day. We have available dentists on Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Mondays so you can be seen immediately after a few hours.

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  • Award winning dental service
  • 24-hour emergency dental appointments
  • Dentists available on weekends
  • See the dentist in a few hours
  • We specialize in anxious patients
  • Dental sedation is available
  • Dental appointments on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays

Frequently asked questions by emergency dental patients. Here are the questions answered by a dentist:

I fractured my tooth but it doesn’t hurt. Should I call an emergency dentist?
Definitely. There might be an underlying problem that should be investigated.

My orthodontic retainer has detached. Is this a major problem?
Yes, it is. If the retainer is not in place, your teeth may start moving.

My wisdom tooth hurts but it is bearable. Do I need to see a dentist?
Yes. It may be an abscess and abscesses around wisdom teeth can be life threatening.

My filling came off. Can I leave it like that for a few weeks?
You better not. If decay progresses and reaches the nerve then the tooth will become really painful.

I wasn’t able to sleep last night because of toothache. However, I have no pain now, should I still call an emergency dentist?
It is typical for a dental abscess pain to be on and off. You should have your tooth checked as soon as possible.

My crown came out. Can I have it recemented?
Yes, we will investigate the reason for the fractured crown. There might be an underlying problem coming from the tooth root.

My gums are sore and bleed sometimes. What should I do?
Patients often ignore bleeding gums. Gingivitis and periodontitis are conditions that have to be treated by a dentist. Give us a ring if your gums bleed during brushing or flossing.

How can I find an emergency dentist near me in London?
Our London emergency dentists are easy to access. We are located in central London, on a walkable distance (5 min walk) from the tube station.

Can you treat bad breath? I have bad taste in my mouth and my partner is complaining of bad odor coming from my breath.
Bad breath can be treated so give us a ring.

What is considered a dental emergency?
Emergency dental appointments usually include fixing fractured teeth, removing nerves (root canal treatments), extracting teeth, recementing crowns, bridges or implants, prescribing antibiotics.

My dentist want to extract one of my teeth. Can I have it saved?
Emergency dentist London does everything to save your teeth and we don’t extract it. With the contemporary methods for root canal treatments we save 95% of the painful teeth.

What is the availability for an appointment in your emergency dental practice?
You can be seen straight away, on the same day and have your problem checked and treated.

How long do the emergency dental appointments last?
It depends on the difficulty. The average chair time for an emergency dental patient is 35 min.

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